Just a little story…

So like every monday all my friends are asking how was the weekend? So for ones I will write it down. Okay I’m not a good writer and I do not want to get to juicy, but just for  the fun I want to share it…

A normal weekend at our house…

Even we played already last night; we have to get ready for the weekend.
It is Thursday and we are waiting for a guy to come around 14h, he rented the room in our place. We decided to rent out one of our rooms when we moved back to the city, through my past I know a lot of guys out of the scene leather / bears or fist scene. Being the owner of one of Antwerp’s Leather Bar/Hotel in the 90’s did a lot. Like I always say they all know me but do I know them! Anyhow if we want the house is full 7 on 7, 365 days a year. That is when you live in one of Europa’s hottest gay capitals. We only rent the room to guys out of the Fist scene, we still want them to be comfortable in our own house, and for them it is the same, being comfortable, relaxed and they can do what they want. At 13h he is there, nice and charming in his late 50’s, totally happy that the room has his own sling. Makes a photo and send it right back home. Viva Internet. He is getting settled and 30 min. later al running naked around the house. Asks if we know the guys he meet through internet and what we think about them. Dangerous, all tastes are different. So like always we give a diplomatic answer, lol.  Listen the room is yours, you do what you want to do. He invites one of the guys.
After he had washed his ass he comes in to the living room and says if we want to join the party. - Now sometimes we will say yes but not this time, the guy who comes over we like a lot to play with, but you invited him and you your nice but totally not our type, we do not want to have problems. - Answer read the house rules; Sex can happen but is not an obligation not from us neither from you (If there is feeling or physical attraction things can happen).

At 18h the guy rings the door and joined our guest, “yeap!” it is hard sometimes to see naked men walking around in your house with good fist asses and you cannot touch them. But it brings a good atmosphere in the house. Around 2 hours later, horny and getting more horning hearing them playing in the other room, okay I can´t handle it anymore. So my Cub (BF) is gone get it, I put his pants down and start rimming his ass, 30 sec. and his dick is hard as stone, put him down on the floor and start working his ass. He takes my hand, little greedy bastard, so we play for hours too.

Friday night again on other man is coming over for our guest; he is really enjoying his stay here. In a hot town like this it is always easy to find guys to play with! So we organize our own party. In about 1 hour we contacted some guys and they are coming over. Hummm 2 parties in the same house. We ended up with 6 guys all a different style leather guys and sneaker guys, hairy or shaved, but one thing in common, there is fisting everywhere. One is greedier than the other one, it can´t go wrong anymore. For me it is not always easy, my big hands are in general a big fear for guys, but on the moment you got that contact it will work out, so it did that evening…. we played until early morning.

Saturday noon waking up, after a whole night playing it is time to have a little lunch, the top guy can eat whatever he want but for the bottom one this means or rice or pastas, I make some spaghetti bolognaise. At 15h the cleaning process starts. Our guest went away to another date in town, a friend of us invited him over, and he is gone have a great time. Even we could not understand he didn´t wanted to go to “the” party this evening. Fist Club BCN is having his 50th anniversary it is gone be a hell of a party… Coming to this town and NOT going to “the” party? LOL.

By now the cleaning is done, always to do it better in several times 2 or 3 times of 20 minutes and not in a hurry. Getting all our stuff together, Crisco, lubes, gloves, cleaning alcohol, etc. and dressed and time to go.  At 19h the doors go open. We arriving at 19h30 undress and join the party. There are already guys playing in some of the slings. The nice thing about the place where they hold the party that you have space even like it turned out later there were about a 100 guys, space enough. 5 slings, 6 banks, 1 gynecologic chair and some low open chairs, for every taste there is something. Like always we start to play together to get in the mood, immediately there are others standing around us. This can be nice and sometimes even horny, but there are also moments you hate it and men can get very annoying. – Guys out there please and I ask pleas have some respect, you can see on the eyes of the fistee (bottom) if he likes it or not. IF HE DOESN´T LIKE IT GO AWAY. Tops in general do not mind but we are there to give pleasure to the bottoms and they need to be comfortable. I myself do not like it either, when they do not respect those who are playing, I will ask you to join and if I don´t than get away, or stand on a distance. – We play for about a half hour and have great FFun & great hard fucking. Cleaning up the fistee is a golden rule you whip of his ass and then help him out of the sling. Turning around you see a lot of different reactions. Some like it that hot, some look scared and you have those who ask immediately can we play with you, both or separate? Of course, why the fuck you think we´re here!  In the scene we are called “The Couple” why? We didn´t know either, we are not they only couple, LOL. (But in time we learned why, we are one of those couples who love to play together and together with others, even we play also alone each on his side, but in general the preference is to play the two of us with… 3, 4 , 5 more… If not it will be 1 on 1. The say they do not see that often.) But now, first a drink!

My Cub is off with a black guy he adores it, while I get sucked by another guy drinking my GT. In front of me are 2 horny guys looking at me, fuck I want to get my hand in their asses. But I´m one of those old fashion types of guys, the fistee/bottom has to ask the top! Stupid I know but it turns me even on more. Suddenly a guy walks up to me and says remember me from the last party? I send you a message that I would love to learn to handle you like your boyfriend those. Would you fist me? And I would say no? He is in his 50´s and looks good and sporty, has a cute ass, so why not. He tries to find if there is a sling free. In the back there is one free and he lays down in it. I start with eating & rimming his ass, fuck the shit out of him and try to get on the same time some fingers in there to, to see how open he is. Slowly I enter my hand, he says: I want you to go rough. You´re sure? I just started, look; I got big hands. I know I have been practicing. Okay! Don´t say that twice to me that´s the way I like it… and he takes it the way I want, greedy like hell, woof! Knowing when they want it this way it is not gone take for long, specially not the first time. Still he could handle it for 20 minutes, wow! Walking around a little later and seeing my Cub lying in the sling having fun, turns me on. Looking at them and the give me both a sign to join. (Smile) So I do, not for long I want him to have fun. But the fister turns me on too. Another GT and I´m back with a guy at one of the sport benches. This time more relaxed fisting.

On the moment I want to fist the first guy again, my BF is running in my direction, please come with me he says. The guy who fisted me is waiting for you. Okay no problem I like him so where is he? At the same sling I was. Arriving upstairs at the sling the guy is waiting with a big smile standing next to the sling. You’re not in it? But before I was finished talking he climbed already on me. WOW! This is gone be hot. And believe me it was exactly the way I want a guy to be, like my own Cub. Even when you fist a lot out of the choses there are always better asses or guys, it all depends on the feeling. But this one topped the night. My BF says; see I told you. You would like it. Yes I did, for a long time I did not meet a guy this hot and greedy. I was sweating like hell, getting every minute more exiting. When we stopped he said: “Morbosso (Spanish for hell – deadly sexy), I don´t know if this was sex or rape, but you (fist) fucked the shit out of me, this is what I want. Can I get more?” Thanks, by the way my name is Henk and this is my BF, but you already meet him, no. You´re from Barcelona?  No, I live on an island, I´m here for the weekend. Cool so we can play more. “No problem, the pleasure is mine” he said.
So the evening went on. We fisted and fucked, one after the other passed. The both of us were playing, my BF had fun so did I and in between we had ffun together too. The island guy stayed with us and we played and played. Around 1 in the morning one of our friends, whispers in my ear while I’m fisting, we having an after party at hour house you guys are coming? Yes, no problem we will join later.

While at around 1 in the morning the door goes open for everyone the atmosphere change. Even you find guys on the party that sometimes you ask what they are doing there, after one ¾ of the crowd is not in to fisting. Sometimes it can be fun and a good mix but other nights it doesn´t work out, this was one of these nights. There are nights that we come out of the club at 8 o´clock in the morning but tonight we will leave early. Not to our house this time were we have normally our after parties but to our friends.
We arrive a little later at the apartment of them, good there are more guys we will have more ffun. 9 guys totally in to each other and we play and play until early morning. Arriving at home we have to prepare breakfast for or guest. Joining him at the table he tell us his adventure and we ours, While during telling the story we get horny again and went back to bed the 2 of us finishing the great night together, 2 hours later we fell asleep.

Waking up around noon there is only one thought in my mind, fucking. Turn around my man and give him what he wants..
At 2 we get up from our bed the sun is shining and the weather is great for an early march weekend, so I decide to go lay outside on the terrace naked. There we go again I love being naked but I got one problem. On the moment the sun is shining on me I´m getting a hard one again. (LOL at home this is no problem but sometimes on the naked beaches it is.) My man is answering all the mails and requests and he asks if I want to party today. Looking at my dick, Yes!

Around 5 o´clock my BF is in the shower to clean and at 6 o´clock the first guy comes around, he is new in the scene but wants to try… nervous, so I try to calm him down, so far so good. At 7h30 the second guy, he found us on scruff, a 28 year old Cub, I like hairy guys, woof and this one knows how to make sex, hop in the sling you. Around 9, 2 other guys came one from Switzerland and one out our neighborhood, the last one is not into fisting but want so much to join. After 20 min the Swiss guy leaves. WTF was this comes wants to play you fuck him than my BF asks do you want to fist me, they go to the sling and he is laying himself in the sling, Okay, he fucks him than he wants to fist him and with 2 fingers in screams the hell out and says stop do NOT move. Sit for 3 min like that and what now? They get out come back to join the rest and he says I’m leaving. Okay if you´re not into fisting but then don´t say or write on your profile you do. Okay there are always people they want to behave stupid, you see them coming to your house or to parties they are there but do not join or are scared to be toughed, but it is so cool to be on a fist (private) party and be fucked in a sling…. Okay the party goes further, for the newly it is getting to rough but he is still amused, the Cub on the other hand is getting wilder and wilder, fist deeper and heavier, fist and fucked on the same time, while one of us is deep throating him.. and we turn places he has the time of his live. Getting greedier and dirtier likes even watersport and how more he wants how more crazy we are getting… after 4 hours of playing and ending with my feet in his ass we all came, it was like showers opened at ones. WOW! This was great. Unexpected, but great! Coffee and a cigarette and everyone is dressing up.  20 minutes later our guest came home, earlier than we thought but too late to join, yes, because really during the weekend he became a great guy, LOL, this doesn´t mean he wasn´t but he was not our type, but if you hang around people you start to like them in another way and then in the end it really doesn´t matter so long everyone is cool and piggy. Oh well, maybe next time.

Now it is time to go to sleep our guest has to leave tomorrow morning his flight goes at 11 o´clock, my BF has to work, starting at nine. And me? I´m writing this story to all of you how want to read it… and have a rest because the life of a Top is rough… LOL.

Have a nice week you all, we are hoping next weekend will be like this one…. Xxx


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